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Chris Heine, Owner – Ideas + Logic, shares her strategies and a bit of her history on Cindy Byrd’s Peoria Life Show “Business Minds.”

How do I take what I learned in start-up companies and apply it to your business? How can you learn from my mistakes? You can find out all of these and more in this 20 minute video.

I am a marketing consultant – with a virtual team that backs me up.

Ideas + Logic is different. I come from inside businesses. I understand how business works, plus I’ve drank from the “fire hydrant” that is the “start-up experience.”
I also have design team members who have worked in agency environments. So, we bring you the best of both worlds.
I understand that marketing works best when it is driven by strategy, informed by culture and focused on ROI. Marketing needs to help you:
  • Add new prospects to your sales funnel.
  • Qualify those prospects by their interest and eagerness to buy
  • At the end of the day, you need to sell something.
  • Ideas + Logic serves up new ideas that help you  reach new customers, deepen relationships and make more money.
  • Ideas + Logic solves your problems with marketing.
  • Would you enjoy having a small group of experienced, practical marketing professionals help you plan your marketing— for a reasonable price? We do that.
  • And we leave you with a plan that is easy to follow.
Christine Heine
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