What does ‘Infusionsoft Certified’ mean?

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Infusionsoft Certified

I am in the process of sending out an announcement that I am “Infusionsoft Certified.” What does that mean?
Well, that means I was so impressed with the benefits offered by Infusionsoft, that I went through a month of training, education and work, to show that I was knowledgeable, could function and understood the strategic benefits and application of one of the most powerful marketing automation programs for small businesses: Infusionsoft.

If you fell asleep during that statement, here is what you need to know: It means I can help you make more money.

Here is the announcement in all its glory:

We are thrilled to announce we are teaming up with Infusionsoft to help small businesses succeed. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, Ideas + Logic is able to expand our education and training services by joining a community that’s focused on helping small businesses reach new levels of success.

We are committed to helping our clients achieve faster growth at a lower cost and avoid lost sales due to a lack of prospect follow up with powerful nurturing campaigns that use Infusionsoft to build funnels, nurture prospects and up-sell and cross-sell customers.

Ideas + Logic already provides smart solutions for small businesses such as marketing strategy, web development, copywriting, marketing plans and other professional services. Now it is adding Marketing Automation to this list. This powerful combination has allowed Infusionsoft and its partners to be dominant forces in the small business success movement.

I’m Chris Heine. As the owner of Ideas + Logic, I know that it is harder and harder for businesses to capture prospects, continue build a relationship with them, and turn them into customers. I am so excited to become certified with a premier product that is designed to plug the “hole in the marketing plan” of small businesses.

“Ideas + Logic has undergone an intensive training program at Infusionsoft’s headquarters and passed very difficult qualification standards to become certified,” said Tom Romary, VP of Partner Programs at Infusionsoft. “We don’t certify just anyone who wants to join our community, Certified Partners meet our exceedingly high standards to ensure our small business customers are working with only the best. Today we congratulate and proudly welcome Ideas + Logic to our thriving community of Infusionsoft Certified Partners who are helping more small businesses everyday achieve new levels of success.”

To learn more about how Ideas + Logic and Infusionsoft are helping small businesses like yours, take a moment to check out our eBook, The Ultimate Guide for Maximizing the Value of Leads.

If you are curious – call or text me at 309-840-3702. Or email me at chris@ideaspluslogic.com

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