Is sending unwanted marketing like sexting your clients?

Here is how it might be.

I’m over 50 and I’ve been dating about 9 months now. If you think men my age don’t want to or would never send penis pictures, you are totally wrong.

Like many marketers sending their sales copy, many of those men believe their intimate pictures are wanted. They are both often wrong.

Let’s talk about what happens when a man tries to send an uninvited dick pic.

An unwanted penis picture is just a serpent that a woman generally REALLY does not want to see.

Right offer - wrong time.

Sometimes what we think is a great offer isn’t at all what our customers are interested in.

If it’s me, I’ll be texting NO – NO – NO to you. Do NOT send that to me.

This is my rule:

If I have never seen this appendage in person, I don’t want to see it pop into my phone in a text.

However, maybe that specific body part is more like a close friend. A known entity. Or something that a woman has very much wondered about and wanted to see.

Then her response might invite such a picture.

You see in marketing, as in dating, it is all about timing.

Often we send things – marketing emails, our final offers – to people who aren’t ready to buy.
And they say NO NO NO … (Just like I have yelled back into a text to a randy man in Chicago recently asking to send a P-pic.)

And so the business owner decides this prospect is “not likely to buy.” A bad prospect. When really, they just aren’t ready to buy.

But what if we had romanced the sale a bit more?

What if we had spent more time and effort educating, informing and enticing this prospect?

  • Maybe we wait and continue talking a bit more.
  • We educate on what a great offer this is.
  • We send emails that are fun and flirt with our customers.
  • We discuss what differentiates us.
  • We sell our value proposition.

And in doing so, we give this sale more time. The prospect gets more used to us. They start to realize our real value.

We persist.

Other people give up and fall to the wayside.
We’ve out waited them out.
Then – finally – comes the day when the prospect is ready to buy.

NOW! Now we ask for the sale.

We send them the same “final” offer. And BAM. They say yes.

That is what marketing automation can do for your business. We help you persist. Help you “bromance” the sale.

And the person on the other end will not be yelling back NO – NO – NO. They will be saying YES – YES –YES!

And isn’t that what we are all wanting?

Let’s talk about how you can romance your customers more successfully. And get to YES. And make more sales.

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