“OMG- Kate, you read my mind! You are going to make me a Doula super hero…”

… So I can make every one of my new parents and parents-to-be feel super special and super powerful.

How did you know that I was spending so much time on building sales, when I wanted to be spending time bonding with my clients, building relationships and creating that nurturing, supportive environment that is the core of my business? Oh, yes! You are a Doula too!

Of course you know my pain … because it is your pain, too.

I can’t wait to see what you have dreamed up to make my business easier to manage!

Show me the magic unicorn that automates all the caring touches that I email out, so that I stop having people come to my website and disappear. Or stop in but not buy.

I’ve been driving lots of people to my website. Now I have a way to grab them and hold on to them until they decide. I know that pregnancy is an overwhelming time – and it just takes some people longer. And I want to be there for them.

Please send me the link to the Doula Magic Success Funnel Webinar.

Please send a few email reminders, so I don’t space out and totally forget that I want to seriously consider this system.

Doula Magical Success Funnel Webinar

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