Is there a hole in your marketing plan?

Looking for the hole in your marketing plan? Our Self-Assessment will help you find it.

No one intends to create a marketing plan that works like this:

Promotion, advertising, awareness, education…

WHOOPS … start over.

But a lot of us do.

You see, if you’re like most business owners, you’ve bought advertising, done networking, and invested in other lead-development activities … then wondered where did all these people go?

You know. The ones who heard your message …  or even said they were interested …  but didn’t buy?

Here is the answer … they fell through the hole in your marketing. You didn’t grab hold of them while they were hot.

In case you were wondering how to find the hole, I’ve put together a self-assessment. It is pretty simple. You just go through the different sections, mark yes, no or maybe to them. And we’ll find the hole.

Download our “Do You Have a Hole In Your Marketing Plan?” Self-Assessment Guide

Or Fill out the Easy To Take ‘Is There A Hole In Your Marketing?’ Self-Assessment Form

SELF-ASSESSMENT: Do you have a hole in your marketing plan?









Schedule a find the ‘Hole In Your Marketing’ starter session – $360 value for $99

If you are marketing your business, but not getting the results you expect and desire, this is a great starter session to schedule.

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During our 90-minute session we will talk about what is and isn’t working in your business marketing. We will also discuss your business goals so that we can determine the best approach for your type of business. You will receive:

  • Clarity on where the holes in your marketing flow are located.
  • Excitement that you finally understand your marketing options to fill those holes.
  • Confidence that you can have well-designed, well-functioning marketing in place for your business that will pay for itself.
  • Recommended actionable ideas that you can put in place right away.

You can either take what you have learned and put it into place for your business, or we can discuss how Ideas+Logic can help you get your marketing working for you.

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