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Marketing Automation is the Missing Link

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to the people who show up on your website analytics … but don’t call or buy?
  • Do you struggle to keep up with a monthly newsletter … let alone any targeted communications?
  • And how well do you maintain contact with your prospects during a long purchase cycle?

I am passionate about marketing automation!

Why? Because it answers a question that I’ve heard business owners ask over and over during my marketing career: “Why isn’t my marketing working?”  Money spent on advertising depends on the recipient to act. And because there was no way in the past to reach out and touch each person individually – to talk to them SPECIFICALLY about the product or service that they are interested in – advertisers frustratingly decided advertising just didn’t work – or that only ‘part’ of it worked.

Now we can demonstrate that advertising works … but you have to build on that initial spark of interest.

  • People are pummeled with so many messages.
  • The memory of your message is overwritten by other messages.
  • Our sales message disappears unless it is nurtured and repeated.
  • Marketing automation makes it easy and automatic to keep your message in front of interested prospects until they are ready to buy.

Marketing automation works for you before and after the sale. It helps you:

  • Identify what your prospect is really interested in.
  • Nurture prospects up to the sale.
  • Expand your ability to educate, offer promotions, and encourage.
  • Enable you to ask for endorsements – from your happy customers.
  • Allow you to efficiently and consistently follow-up after the sale.

Here is a video that I love because it shows how marketing automation can transform your business by improving your customer lifecycle. NOTE THIS: the tool isn’t enough. (Yes, I know I’m showing you a video … but LOTS of people think they can just buy this and it will do everything they need.) … On it’s own –  Infusionsoft isn’t enough – and I’ll tell you why.

Marketing Automation Changes the Game Plan

Nuture prospects

How often do you reach out to your prospects? Once? Twice? Marketing science tells us that optimally you need to ‘touch’ prospects seven times before they respond. Marketing automation helps you do that consistently.

Automate follow-up

As business owners, it is easy to get overwhelmed with running our business. The busier we get the less marketing we often get done. When you’ve automated your prospecting, your customer support and your follow-up, no matter how busy you are, it continues to work for you.

Be 'Magnetic'

Creating “magnets” – items of intense interest to your clients – allows you to capture contact information and understand better which offers your customers are interested in … and which they aren’t. By devising different landing pages for prospects, you can see when your advertising is working and when it isn’t.

See 'hidden' web visitors

If only 20% of web visitors are ready to buy now, how much more could you sell if you could capture the contact information of people who make it to your website, and then continue to educate, inform and incentivize them until they are ready to buy? 30%? 40%?

Inform • Educate • Inspire

Does your product work best with education? Do you need to encourage a return visit? Infusionsoft allows you to easily continue to provide the optimum level of communications that helps your customer have the best experience or maximize the use of your product.

Automate Internally

Marketing automation allows you to directly automate your internal processes. If you need to send out a reminder postcard 3 weeks after a sale – that email to your direct mail shop can be automated. If your sales cycle repeats 6 months, marketing automation will never forget to send email reminders to clients.

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