Feedback on website design.

Hi! Thanks for providing your input into the design. This is for an Online Therapy website.
Here is a bit of background:

  • We ran quite a bit of Facebook advertising.
  • Our click-through rate was very good and we drove a lot of traffic to the website.
  • Millennials were the most interested in our Facebook Ads.
  • No one – however – signed up for therapy.

So we decided we probably needed to redesign the site in a way that recognizes this longer cycle – interested people who need more nurturing before they are ready to buy.

Now …

  • Visitors can identify and find out in-depth information about their issue.
  • We can capture people’s info so we can continue to educate and build a relationship with them.
  • They can talk to their therapist by text before they schedule an appt with him or her.
Website Feedback for Your Story Confidential

Website Feedback for Your Story Confidential

Thank you for answering these questions!

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