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Save On Websites

41% of businesses don’t have a website.

Maybe they don’t know that …

84% of prospects visit your website before they buy.

75% of prospects judge a business by it’s website.

This makes me crazy to even think about!! So for the month of June 2019, save $500 on a website!
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What are your website dreams?

We’d love to make them come true. First we need to know a little bit more … we always want to know more. That is because we know that be best website is one that serves your needs – considers your audience – understands your competition – and looks, feels and sounds like …well, like YOU!

  • Your website is often your first impression – before people buy or when someone refers them to you – they check you out.
  • Therefore, your website needs to be great – but it also needs to reflect your business and the customer experience that a prospect can expect.
  • You don’t have a long time to make a good impression – so your website needs to get to the most important points first.
  • It needs to have great headlines and scannable subheads and bulleted copy.
  • It also needs pages that focus on each your products and copy that goes enough in-depth that it will support your SEO for that topic.

A Website Should be a Conduit – not a Deadend

  • A website should make people want to call you, text you or chat with you.
  • If a viewer has a questions – they immediately have a way to reach you.
  • Your website needs to capture contact information – so you can continue to nurture relationships with people not quite ready to buy.

Best Practices

Do you have more than one product – or multiple concepts that you need to communicate. You need to dedicate one page to each product or concept.


Video is a central technology on the web — if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you are missing the medium that speaks to your prospects.

Targeting ROI

When you are thinking about your website, you also need to be thinking about ROI. How can your website help you make money? Let’s talk.

2-way Talk

How will your prospects talk to you? You need forms on your website. You may need chat on your website. When prosects get their questions answered – they become customers.

Please fill out the form below and share your website dreams with us.

Filling this out will help us get up to speed quickly – and make our discussions about your website much more efficient! Of course, if you’d rather just sit and talk with us – we are glad to do that. 

Website Dreams: What do you want your website to do or be?

Website Dreams: What do you want your website to do or be?

This questionnaire helps you (and me) begin thinking about what your website should be and what type of functionality you need.

Your Business Address

Business Information


Based on the list below, select 4 or 5 descriptions that describe your company's attitude — and which should be represent you in your branding.

Web Functionality

Thanks for filling this out!! I'm looking forward to reading about your website dreams

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